Engines has it's own set of Client Commands to assist players.

  •  %List - Shows the number of characters in each area. All charachters in dungeons or combat areas will communally show up as "Elsewhere", regardless of zone.
  •  %Hide - Stop showing up in the %list command. Please use sparingly. Use the command again to un-hide.
  •  %GetBonus - Shows the amount of bonus (roleplay) exp your character has.
  •  %Desc - Re-generates an item description if it is broken. NOTE: If you need to use this command, please report the situation via forum bug report. Most items should fix themselves automatically if changes are patched in.
  •  %Chair - Create an invisible seat with armrests, for sitting in chairs
  •  %Stool - Create an invisible seat without armrests, for sitting on anything else