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Welcome to the Engines of Ascension Wikia

A wiki for Engines of Ascension, a Neverwinter Nights 2 persistent world, describing its custom game mechanics, its custom setting and lore, and much more.

Our forums are accessable at http://engines.freeforums.net/.  Any questions or conversations are encouraged to be posted there.  

If you want to help update or maintain this wiki, please PM Kitsunenotsume on the forums.   It's basically a two-man-show right now, so we apologize for any missing pages.  In the event that the wiki can't answer a question, please start a conversation on the forums , Discord, or find me on the server, and I'll try to resolve an answer for you.

As a disclaimer, this wiki is not for hammering out min/max build details, easter-egg lore, or other excessively detailed content.  Please remember that much of the setting on Engines is about discovery and free-form play, and we request that such intentions are kept in mind while adding to this archive.  Thank you for your contribution.

Important Articles

Lore: While Trivium is a world full of hidden secrets, plenty of records exist for what has already been found.

Mechanics: Engines of Ascension uses many custom scripts and unique features, and it can sometimes benefit from some explanation.

Chatroom: We invite interested explorers and inquiring minds to join us on Discord, where assistance, answers, and associates await!

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