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A wiki for Engines of Ascension, a Neverwinter Nights 2 persistent world, describing its custom game mechanics, its custom setting and lore, and much more.

Our forums are accessable at  Any questions or conversations are encouraged to be posted there.  

If you want to help update or maintain this wiki, please PM Kitsunenotsume on the forums.   It's basically a two-man-show right now, so we apologize for any missing pages.  In the event that the wiki can't answer a question, please start a conversation on the forums , Discord, or find me on the server, and I'll try to resolve an answer for you.

As a disclaimer, this wiki is not for hammering out min/max build details, easter-egg lore, or other excessively detailed content.  Please remember that much of the setting on Engines is about discovery and free-form play, and we request that such intentions are kept in mind while adding to this archive.  Thank you for your contribution.

Important Articles

Lore: While Trivium is a world full of hidden secrets, plenty of records exist for what has already been found.

Mechanics: Engines of Ascension uses many custom scripts and unique features, and it can sometimes benefit from some explanation.

Chatroom: We invite interested explorers and inquiring minds to join us on Discord, where assistance, answers, and associates await!

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