This page covers the various skills and ability trees that your character has available in combat against the many dangers they will face in Trivium. For an explanation of combat mechanics, see Combat.

With regards to offensive skills, certain weapons can level more than one skill. For example, a Longsword wielded in both hands will increment the Two-Handed skill when used in combat, but when you wear a shield, your attacks will increment the One-Handed skill instead. A spear with the Scorcher augment would increment Two-Handed when used as a normal spear, but you will also increment Demolitions when you invoke and deal damage to opponents with the augment.


This is a list of skills revolving around offense:

Two-Handed: A Sword to Smite Evil. This skill covers the use of any weapon large enough to wield in both hands.

One-Handed: Ye Olde Sworde and Boarde. This skill covers fighting with a weapon and shield, and wielding a single weapon too small (or unsuited) to wield with both hands.

Dual Wield: Double the fun! Covers two weapons being wielded at the same time.

Unarmed: Fists of Fury. Covers combat without any wielded weapons.

Marksmanship: How do I Shot Gun? This skill tree covers all projectile weapons.

Demolitions: Steampunk wizardry. Mainly determines damage potential, accuracy, and other effects of grenades and bombs.

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