• Lore stuff: Waiting until lore on forums is a bit more solid. for now, is available on forums
    • Factions needs pages and filler for all types. Need a template here.
    • Races are good, but only copypasta from forums, missing racial pics (get from YMD)
    • History needs a lot of work, primarily for regions, events can be filled in later
  • Skills: Looking good (Credit to Lugwy) SKILLS ARE TOTALLY DONE HAHAHAHA
  • Expand combat section, will require Offence and Defense skill pages Need to work on augments and ILvls
    • Need to expand sections: Firearms, Stealth
    • Related but also need to start separate page on pets/companions
    • Damage Types needs to be expanded
  • include crafting tutorial - separate page, needs to expand on the new augment learning system (include pics)
  • split Advancement page (leveling/skills/abilities/etc.)?
  • Finish Dungeons intro page
  • Gotta work on maps and geography: we have interactive maps enabled, just gotta load up pics.